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tkglogoTKG (The Killid “key” Group) is a not-for-profit public media initiative of Development & Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA). Public media was added to DHSA’s portfolio in 2002 through the establishment of TKG, one of Afghanistan’s most dynamic and successful non commercial media initiatives with a team of 160 radio, print and TV production professionals.

TKG’s mission as a public media project of DHSA is to promote civic media, free speech and open discourse in Afghanistan and to strengthen the press as an independent source of information for the Afghan people.

TKG utilizes a variety of platforms to achieve its mission from book and magazine publishing, civic radio, regular trainings of TKG and other Afghan media journalist’s on human rights and war crimes investigative reporting techniques, production of original web content, co-sponsorship of conferences and workshops on media and development, by giving a consistent platform for voices of reason in Afghanistan to express themselves through TKG’s various communication platforms and by making its media resources available within all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

TKG is the only Afghan media with a presence in all 34 provinces of the country as well as a distribution reach within neighboring Pakistan and Iran. Through a combination of regional bureaus and freelance journalists, TKG produces daily news reports, live radio feeds, video footage, investigations and special interest stories. Its audience reach is demographically, geographically and numerically broad. Both decision makers and average citizens tune into its radio network (Radio Killid) and read TKG’s two weekly magazines, Mursal Women’s Magazine and Killid Weekly.

Since its establishment, TKG’s various media products have become household names and even in remote areas of the country, a valuable literary and information resource.

TKG’s success is in large part thanks to its dedicated audience following (print and radio) and because of the generous support it has received from a number of international and national partners.

To this affect, we would like to thank The Asia Foundation, European Commission, Open Society Institute, IDRC, French Embassy and Cultural Center, & USAID for providing assistance to the start up and capacity building of DHSA’s media program, TKG, and to acknowledge the intellectual partnerships we have with Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture, The InterPress Service News Agency, Pajwok News Agency, Afghan Center for International Journalism, Sayara and The Crimes of War Project as well as the overall Afghan NGO community which we consider a valuable civil society stakeholder.

In an environment where the media was formerly controlled by the government, suppressed or non existent beyond city centers, the growth of TKG during Afghanistan’s critical transition from war to peace has served as a valuable asset for all those dedicated to building a peaceful and open society.

An important aspect about TKG unique is that it is the largest non commercial independent media in Afghanistan, established with a public service mandate to inform, educate and inspire in an effort to give the public the intellectual tools they need to recover after three decades of war and turmoil.

All resources generated through advertising, public service announcements and communication initiatives are reinvested back into developing more media initiatives which enhance access to information and foster communication and in the capacity building of DHSA/TKG.

TKG operates a network of six radio stations, a strategic public communication division and a publishing house.

  • Broadcast media through radio and soon television,
  • Magazine and book publishing
  • Advocacy through strategic public communication.

Broadcasting: DHSA/TKG currently operates five 24/7 public radio style radio stations (mix of news, cultural & political programming, human interest stories and Afghan and world music).

The editorial policy of DHSA/TKG’s radio division is to build amongst our listener’s better awareness of local and national issues as well as global awareness and inter-cultural understanding and appreciation.

  • Radio Killid Kabul (transmission heard in Kabul and surrounding provinces)
  • Radio Killid Jelalabad (transmission heard in Nangarhar and cross-border with Pakistan)
  • Radio Killid Mazar (transmission heard in Mazar and cross-border with…)
  • Radio Killid Hirat (transmission heard in Hirat and cross-border with Iran)
  • Radio Killid Kandahar (transmission heard in Kandahar and cross-border with Pakistan)
  • The RK Network of radio stations also shares its productions 28 affiliate community radio stations in Afghanistan in an effort to extend our communication reach and support the development of community radio as a whole in Afghanistan.


  • On Air as in February, 2009, Kabul Rock Radio (mix of music, entertainment and social programming dedicated to Afghanistan’s biggest demographic, it’s youth).

A few of our most popular radio programs range from a morning “Sufi” poetry and philosophy show, a global & classical music hour and our “Afghanistan Last Four Decades Program” which provides a platform for all the sides of the conflicts the past four decades to come together in our Kabul radio station to exchange their views and experiences in a peaceful environment and in the process serve as a call for transitional justice in Afghanistan.

In an effort to generate sustainability for TKG and increase our listener’s access to global perspectives, issues and voices we have also formed broadcast partnerships with various contractual partners:

TKG & Asia Calling ( promotes via Dari and Pashto language programs those issues most important to the peoples of Afghanistan, China, India, and other Asian nations.

TKG and the international transmission service provider, World Radio Network ( broadcasts The Voice of Russia’s Pashto and Dari programs across our Radio Killid network of stations. The programs allow our radio audience to hear about Moscow’s relations with the Islamic world, Russian-Afghan relations, current events in Russia and the life of the sizeable Afghan community in the Russian Federation and in the process aims to heal relations between the peoples of our two nations and cultures.

TKG & the Afghan Research & Evaluation Unit (AREU) works together to produce and broadcast programs which promote mutual accountability in Afghanistan.

TKG & the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture and GTZ are working together to produce radio programs that promote agricultural issues and aim to advance knowledge of new agricultural techniques and markets.

Publishing: TKG manages a number of publishing activities, from magazines to the translation and printing of books. Our publishing division is home to Afghanistan’s highest circulation independent press and only one to reach every province of the country on a weekly basis:

  • Killid Weekly (general interest and news weekly)
  • Mursal Women’s Magazine (Afghanistan’s only magazine dedicated to women to be distributed in every province of the country)

Both of these magazines are sold at a nominal fee and largely subsidized by DHSA through the funds it generates through its various media activities and advertising revenues.

Other publishing projects:

  • The translation, publication and distribution for the first time in Afghanistan the manual Crimes of War, What the Public Should Know and formed a unique partnership with the UK based Crimes of War Project which provides capacity building for our team of journalists and translates into English and posts on a website created for the partnership the investigative reports into crimes of war and human rights abuses produced by TKG reporters:
  • First publication of a Dari/Pashto version of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery;
  • Publication of the works of the notable Afghan writer Sayed Bahudin Majdrou to include a segment of his major work “Ego Monster,”
  • Publication of a collection of French writers about their travels through Afghanistan,
  • In 2009 we will translate into Pashto and Dari and publish Descent Into Chaos by Ahmed Rashid;
  • Partnership with The Inter Press Service News Agency, working closely with its Delhi office to get reports by TKG published and distributed through IPS worldwide.

The distribution of TKG’s publishing materials in Afghanistan is managed through a strategic partnership with a private distribution company, nyeEXpress ( nyeEXpress manages the distribution of TKG’s public communication materials (PSA posters, pamphlets etc), it’s two weekly magazines, Mursal Women’s Magazine & Killid Weekly, plus 20 other independent publications as well as the ISAF newspaper nationwide.

Public Communication: In addition to its core media programs, TKG develops a variety of public communication campaigns, channeled through its radio and print resources in an effort to relay important issues and messages to the public and foster greater accountability amongst the nations political and leadership elite (national and local). A few PC informational & promotional campaigns produced by TKG to date include radio round tables and dramas, special editions of Killid Weekly and Mursal Women’s magazine, posters and special events:

  • Special edition of our two magazines on the explaining the Bonn Accords to the public.
  • Distribution of copies of Afghanistan’s new constitution as a special insert to our magazines.
  • Special editions of our magazines and radio PSA’s on the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
  • Special editions of our magazines and radio PSA’s on Voter Registration.
  • Print and radio campaigns against Domestic Violence & HIV/AIDS Awareness.
  • Organizer of Afghanistan’s first “media is development conference” in Kabul to encourage greater communication and coordination on the development of freedom of speech and press in Afghanistan.
  • Distribution through special events of the Dari and Pashto versions of The Crimes of War Manual to relevant Afghan government offices, Afghan National Army and Police, the US military and ISAF, Afghan and international human rights practitioners and public universities across Afghanistan in an effort to promote better awareness of international human rights and humanitarian laws.

Financing TKG: TKG’s costs are managed through a unique blend of advertising, radio and print, PSA revenues, grants and public communication contracts. All profits generated by advertising and public communication contracts are reinvested back into DHSA/TKG’s operating costs, serving as a sustainable business model for other non profits in Afghanistan. TKG also receives contributions from its strategic business partner, nyeEXpress, which helps fill operational funding gaps and supports the start-up of new TKG projects.

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